Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Fight In Los Angeles

January 28, 2013  |  News

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean have exchanged words and disses in the past but tonight things got physical. According to TMZ, the two artists got into a brawl at Westlake Studio in Los Angeles. It started when Frank Ocean and his crew blocked Chris Brown from leaving the parking lot. Chris then went to shake Frank’s hand and was attacked by Frank’s people. Chris’ entourage then joined the melee. Chris then pushed Frank and the two went at it. Finally, police arrived and cleared the scene. Chris Brown was not present when they arrived but they did speak to Frank Ocean. No arrests have been made.

Update: Added Frank Ocean’s tweets about the fight.

Update #2: According to TMZ, the police are still investigating and want to speak to Chris Brown. Frank Ocean told them the fight started over a parking space and Chris punched him.

Update #3: According to The Post, Frank Ocean is considering pressing charges against Chris Brown, who is still on probation for attacking Rihanna in 2009.

Update #4: New details have surfaced in the Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fight. According to TMZ, Chris threw the first punch after Frank refused to shake his hand and laughed at him. The fight then moved into the lobby of the studio and the room got trashed. The receptionist then called 911 and Chris fled the scene while Frank remained to speak to the police.

Update #5: Pictures have surfaced of Chris Brown after the fight and he is seen wearing a cast on his right hand. Check it out below.

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