Cassidy – R.A.I.D. (Meek Mill Diss)

January 6, 2013  |  Featured, Featured Tracks, Music, Rap/Hip Hop

The Cassidy and Meek Mill beef is far from over. Cassidy responds to ‘Repo’ with a 10 minute diss track over various instrumentals. This one is called ‘R.A.I.D.’, which stands for Robert Ass Is Dead. He went in on this one. Its on you, Meek.

Update: Added the CDQ, dirty and untagged version.

Listen and download the track below.

Download: Cassidy – R.A.I.D. (Meek Mill Diss)

Props: Splash

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  • Kang

    damn said he gonna get Wale to read a poem at the funeral

    • Thepope84

      lol he said anybody from ya crew can get lol Cassidy hit a home run with this one

  • This is how u diss somebody ….

  • Meek you sir have been SLAYEDDDDDDD

  • Damnson

    Meek just got Ethered

  • Trillog


  • gmoney55

    Meek got sprayed down raided Down

  • E roc

    Dude ur ass lol u have no goons at all I think everyone saw what AR saidu clown now ur name is only heard of cause of meek so u should thank him , and yeah u have a couple nice lines but u just talk fake shit ur not a goon at all now get back in the dirt nigga

    • Teeherbzz

      ShoutsOut to Eroc, nigga loves meeek dick. Cass wasnt challenged b4 cuz other niggas knew and meek too stupid to understand cass can ripp lyrics like dat

    • hop off meek dick bitch cass killed it

  • People actually didn’t like this? No way. You can’t actually be a fan of rap and not feel this. If you want to hear some Hip Hop.. try me … got it.

  • Carlos Benitez


  • Dubzilla

    Cassidy Killed it !!! Meek should just squash it. Bar for Bar you ain’t fuckin with Cass !

  • Philly bul

    Y’all nigga that say cass broke and aint got nobody riding wit him don’t know shit meek whole team is pussy and Rick scared of them GD’s got him canceling show half the shit all rapper say is bull shit and just rap but it dick head like y’all that beleive it I am from Philly and meek talk a lot of bul shit he ain’t shooting shit in the hood dumb ass kept getting booked cassidy been chilling since he fell off on some real shit dat nigga lil better then meek meek is never gonna sell period

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  • Vicious

    this is just ok….. cassidy has been over…..Meek is better than him

    Cassidy < Meek

    • you are fucking stupid, hop off meek dick…

    • Teeherbzz

      this nigga dont kno hiphop. Shove yo head upp yo ass and listen to some justin beiber cus if meek smart he wouldnt rap no mo afta dis

  • James Stackz

    Cass killed em, Like i said meek should just sit down and give up.

  • itsCASSyall

    Meek just woke up a retired battle legend. thats bad. ask freeway.

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  • Fuck You

    Cass ass , meek burned him , His car got repo. Broke ass nikka

    • Teeherbzz

      so all meek’s whips are leased so it aint his cars to start off wit

  • Teeherbzz

    Realll shitt My man cass listenin’ to his tracks from straight outta grade school. Meek got shit on cass, suckin on ricky’s lil piece doesnt give permission to go against one of the greatest. I aint dick riding on cass, jus sayin it like it is. Meek give up yo rap career

  • Oskar

    RIP Meek Mill

    • ikjnjn

      whoever thinks meek killed cass with repo ur dumb he barely had any punchlines cass is hands down a better rapper than him lyrically meek cant hang