T-Pain – Who Am I

November 15, 2012  |  Music, R&B/Other

Here is an unreleased track from T-Pain called ‘Who Am I’ which didn’t make it onto his most recent mixtape “Stoic”.

Listen and download the track below.

Download: T-Pain – Who Am I

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  • idk if anybody told Tpain yet …. but dude stick to singing !! & stop trying to rap my nikka , you sounding like you joking about real shit thats why you losing fans bruh … if you wanna rap then nikka sound MORE HUNGRY, as if you DONT have millions of dollars , bcuz aint nobody gonna take you serious & im telling you as a fan of yours , im not hatin ….. & im sure theres a whole bunch of other ppl that feel exactly the same. Its hard to explain that, when we listen to any rapper & we dont hear that certain hunger in his voice or her voice of living fucked up & poor & ya parents on drugs BBM drama no cash no hopes or jobs or opportunity & ya backs against the wall, its like damn my nikka why embarrass yourself? …… idk i know i can tell when a nikka really is from that life idk about anybody else & no im not saying tpain isnt from that life but im speaking facts & Tpain bruh we loved “Buy you a Drank” & all that love making music fuck what jay z said & fuck whoever is copying your shit my nikka WE KNOW YOU STARTED IT & thats all that matters …. please …. im 1 of the loyal fans who actually listens to your music but it breaks my heart hearing you & its not some hot song its just some rap shit…..

    • hang ups

      listen to karoake and hang ups if you wanna hear some hungry rapping t-pain then see what you say.

  • i forgot to add , i know Tpain been in that life ,i know he was living in his car & all that, he started his career trying to rap , but nobody liked it & i know he loves to rap as well , but whats better than a Tpain Club Banger WITH THE AUTOTUNE … or a Tpain Rap song about homie “Joking” around (Bcuz to me it sound like he tries to make you laugh, in this song & on the Stoic Mixtape) but nobodies laughing….. Tpain i promise you , You drop one of those “Ima take You hoome with meeeeee” to Funk Flex on a friday night & ya shit is right back to number 1 just like that , you can thank me later :D

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