Video: SpaceGhostPurrp & Raider Klan Diss ASAP Rocky & ASAP Mob

June 21, 2012  |  Other, Videos

SpaceGhostPurrp put up this new vlog to make it clear that he doesn’t fuck with ASAP Rocky and ASAP Mob. He says they used to be cool but some shit happened behind the scenes. His Raider Klan crew had some words as well.

I was reading the comments and saw that SpaceGhostPurrp had replied to some people and gave some more details about what happened with ASAP Rocky. I included the screenshots below.

Watch the video below.

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  • MARC


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  • b

    fucking retard needs to learn some punctuation. i dont mind the bruhs and hoes and street talk. BUT LEARN SOME FUCKING PUNCTUATION. shit is impossible to read. fucking uneducated degenerate. for real.

    • he is writing as he speaks. that doesn’t mean he should monitor his punctuation in a public forum. does he monitor his slang when he raps? get off the negativity man! show some love or lay to rest.

    • i wasn’t aware that one needed a bachelors degree in english to be a rapper…you sound so incredibly idiotic. he’s a florida rapper who is fucking inspired by gangster rap from the 90s and you’re fucking expecting this dude to spell check his shit. hahahahahahaha SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING FAGGOT

  • youknow

    man, dude probably deserved to get jumped. people don’t jump eachother’s friends for no reason. dude’s leavin out a nice chunk of the story to make it sound in his favor.

  • Hellakula

    Uhh since when did some punk mf like space ghost purp start the trend of all black and claim that swag. Do u no enything about jay-z in the 90′s or what about the real origionater in the 60′s Johnny Cash. Space ghost u ain’t about shit it’s not about who starts it it’s about what people want, just look at Facebook they weren’t the first to start social media they just did it in a way that people wanted I.e. SGP may create a style but the people want to hear it through the voice of rocky. The people have spoken and raider klan can eat a muthafucking dick!!
    Free ASVP Relli..

    • he didn’t start the trend fool! he repopularized it. kind of like how skinny jeans came back. get your mind right with those ignorant statements.

    • KlanHoeFuckAsap

      ur a fagget lol jayz a devil worshipping wana be biggie lmao. rocky a hoe tell him to stop wearing dresses bro, SGP taught that pussy everything he know besides how to act like a hoe cuz he alreddy new how to do that.

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  • hoesgetgot

    asap rocky is a straight hoe. new york isnt a place for real shit, its a place where people sell shit and hype shit. his back story is shaky as hell. lana del ray and asap rocky? that’s some hoe-ishness to the fullest
    some people will say “get your money” but i know in my heart what real true shit is and what is fake ass copy cat shit and its obvious to me that Purp and his crew are doing things the right way and not trying to make a quick buck
    the people can be duped real easy by the new york based media coverage of asap and he was hoe-ish enough to rep some shit and take the glory and all that. whatever. he’s the clean cut, not very original or weird version of a bunch of shit thats going on in the underground and if people are dumb enough to not want to scratch the surface and get the real shit, well then they deserve that asap rocky crap. dude just got lil b’s hype producer, some all black down south dirty s&c vibes from purp, and young mob of black teens vibes from wolf pack and mixed it together to make a slicked up new york version that industry cats could shape and mold into a more shiny clean version of that shit… man i feel purp FUCK asap rocky. straight up hoe shit for real

  • i like asap mobs music more than raider klan but how did rocky go from pink and flashy colors to all black and the lettering raider klan repopularized? all i’m saying is don’t disregard spaceghost purp’s crew just because you men are in love with rocky. give raider klan the fair chance they deserve and stop making conclusions without research. decide for yourself man sheesh sheeple!

    ps: it’s ok to enjoy the music of both crews. last time i heard asap mob nor raider klan are issuing checks to fans!

  • Smartass

    Asap rocky is cool, he just repeats the same shit in every song, sgp isn’t the best in raider Klan I feel he should stick to producing, their both cool in their ways, honestly even if asap is over sgp that’s just because sgp doesn’t have the best sound, their fighting over nothing, and for the dumbass who said asap is just a bunch of different flows and style is just reincarnated.. Isn’t every fucking person in the rap game a duplicate of others…