Drake Talks About Not Wanting To Go For The David Guetta Sound

April 23, 2012  |  Interviews

In a recent interview with NME, Drake talked about not wanting to go for the David Guetta sound and how some artists need it to be successful internationally. He also touched on working with British producer, Jamie XX.

Read what he had to say below.

“For me, the David Guetta stuff just doesn’t work. I don’t really wanna go there. There’s other artists, that’s their sound. They feel in order to thrive internationally that they gotta do straightforward, four to the floor, David Guetta, Pitbull music. For me, I’d rather go to somebody like Jamie XX and tell him, ‘Look, I really wanna turn the club upside down, but I wanna do it with integrity, with soul.”

Props: MixMag

  • Yaya

    OH lawwwd Drake don’t get all high and mighty. You either can do that dance sound good or not. Nothing to do with integrity. Wasn’t Drake trying to get JT on his album, for what another TI/Timbaland sound to get the pop crowd???