Tyga’s “Careless World” Album Pulled From Stores

February 21, 2012  |  News

Tyga seems to be having the worst luck with releasing his album “Careless World”. After several pushbacks, the album was finally set to be released on February 21st. Now it seems that stores, such as Best Buy, iTunes and Amazon, have pulled the album because of an unauthorized Martin Luther King speech being used. The MLK speech can be found on the album’s first track ‘Careless World’. From what we can see, the label is going to resolve the issue and hopefully have the album in stores in 2 weeks. Props to Zeke.

Update: Tyga took to his Twitter to respond and says that his album will in fact be in stores on February 21st. I guess we will find out what happens on Tuesday.

Update 2: Looks like “Careless World” has managed to keep its February 21st release date as it has officially hit iTunes. The MLK speech has been edited out. We are still waiting to see if the album makes it to retail stores but most likely it won’t because they have to press new copies.

Update 3: As expected, Tyga’s album is only available online as Zeke shows us that “Careless World” has been recalled from Best Buy and Target. Check below for the proof.