Amber Rose – Loaded

February 4, 2012  |  Music, R&B/Other

Amber Rose follows up her first single ‘Fame’ with Wiz Khalifa with ‘Loaded’.

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Downoad: Amber Rose – Loaded

  • SS

    do not support this street walker ! please ! this is the prime example of the phrase “never trust a woman” is derived from. i cant stand these hip hop groupies, katt staxx, amber rose…etc ! IF YOUR A HIP HOP VIDEO VIXEN (GROUPIE) AND ARE READING THIS, JUST REMEMBER THAT YOUR A GROUPIE AND WILL ALWAYS BE ONE, YOUR ARE BUT AN INSTRUMENT FOR SEX AND THATS IT ! wiz is sadly a sucker sponsoring this skank.

  • Matt

    Ewww… you sound like you’re recovering from an orgasm…

  • Da man

    Tight track, why niggas hatin.

  • Not bad. I could see people fist pumping to this in a club

  • jenna

    Hmm. Almost Ke$ha-like.