Machine Gun Kelly – One Time Freestyle

October 27, 2011  |  Music, Rap/Hip Hop

New freestyle from MGK courtesy of Flex.

Read more to download.

Download: Machine Gun Kelly – One Time Freestyle

  • dadukee

    am i the only person who thinks MGK sounds like a corny version of Yelawolf?

  • daterrpy

    yeh u do faggot^^

    • dadukee

      fuck machine gun kelly and yo mamma!!1

      • MGK did fuck yo mama. and so did Yelawolf, at the same time.

      • rak

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        mgk got fans at least unlike u. :@. so get a life and never comment again sonofabitch

  • rak

    fuck u motherfucker DADUKEE if u dont like him who likes u at least hes famous unlike u lonley sonofabitch fuck ur mum.
    huge fan MGK (lessupkells)