[Audio] Fabolous Talks About His Fight With Ray J

September 19, 2011  |  Featured, Interviews


Loso calls up DJ Clue to give side of his altercation with Ray J out in Las Vegas. He says Ray J didn’t touch him and no punches were thrown and that he must be on drugs. Shouts to RR for the rip.

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  • Authority Figure

    Fact: Ray J money goes back to the late 80s.
    Fact: Ray J had money before BRANDY had money.
    Fact: If gettin’ paper and bitches is lame – Ray’s the lamest.
    Fact: Ray J playing piano @ Floyd = Exposure to millions.
    Fact: Fab hasn’t been relevant in industry for OVER 8 yrs.
    Fact: Fab IS running out of money..and industry connects.
    Fact: Fab is NOT hard body. Street Fam is hard body.
    Fact: Fab got his tool chipped by a BITCH in high school.
    Fact: Fab never been in a scrap or shot a pistol in his adult life.
    Fact: Street Fam is not ready for Piru.
    Fact: Fab ALREADY got touched in NYC. Can/Will happen again.

  • Authority Figure

    and that tell that nickel Meek Mills –

    You was BROKE and DIRTY just a year ago son. Keep ya yap closed, before you miss the opportunity to get your family out the projects. You not a boss, or a killer, or a co-signer. You a little nickel that was lucky if you could make $100-400 a WEEK selling bad crack. You not affiliated – with anyone that counts. That double life could be half a single life hanging with these dipshits in NYC and Miami.

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  • I knew eventually Fab would get tapped out, he talks way too much shit via twitter, dude is mad over rated…all he has to look back on is free mixtapes,where the albums at???