Soulja Boy’s Birthday Gift To Himself Is A G5 Private Jet?

July 27, 2011  |  News


Sources say that Soulja Boy bought a G5 Jet for his 21 st birthday. The estimated amount for a new Gulfstream G550 ranges from US $45 -$70 million. If sources are correct, this would be one of the biggest acquisitions in this young music mogul’s career.

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Talk about making history, if Soulja Boy truly bought the G5 as rumors say, then Soulja Boy will no longer be “just a boy,” but an owner of a G5 Jet! That alone puts him in a class by himself; not to mention, he just turned 21 and is a self-made multi-millionaire.

Now ask yourself this question, how many 21 year olds in the world own a G5 sitting in their backyard? This is just astonishing how a teen mogul was able to obtain success, money, and power through music & business. Many may doubt Soulja Boy’s music, but you cannot deny his savvy business skills, work ethic and constant visibility.

Early on in his career, he has made the Forbes’ list as one of the youngest, richest rap artists. All the pop culture mediums are buzzing about this potential procurement, because never before in history has a 21 year old African American obtained outright ownership of a G5 jet. You have heard the saying, “People lie but numbers don’t.” Although many would want to believe that based on Soulja’s most recent musical hardship that he has not been getting paid, but contrary to belief, he continues to grace the stages across the world and has appeared on numerous television shows, movies, and more.

Soulja continues to reinvent himself and create trending topics that keeps him relevant. This year alone, the SODMG CEO has secured his own clothing line, several movie deals (one of which is scheduled to be released mid-October), an upcoming album, and an endorsement deal in the works with EA Sports. In early October, Soulja Boy is scheduled to begin his 15 City Gaming and Concert Tour through this new partnership with EA Sports. This is a story for the history books, and with these types of business decisions and his new music, Soulja Boy is headed towards another record-breaking year.

Visit: Soulja Boy’s Birthday Bash to register. Tune in Friday, July 29th at 11 PM Eastern.

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  • KC

    more power to him, but very bad money investment. think of how much it’ll cost every time to fly it. He’s doing good business apparently, but lets get real, he doesn’t have talent that would make him one of the greats, there will come a day when things change and then he will regret not being smart with his money. MC Hammer might know what i’m talking about.

    • Mike

      I agree with you. I’m an Accountant and from a professional point of view the purchase of a jet was a bad move. I wish him the best of luck, but he will be broke by the time he turn 25.

      • Honeychild

        I second that.

  • ian

    His money but what a fucking idiot….!

  • For all you know it was a better investment for him to have his own plane, then to paying for someone else to fly him around all the time….I know everyone hates on him, not gonna debate whether that is justified or not…He’s only 21, and long he’s touring and doing shows..the money won’t dry up.It really doesn’t matter if your one of the greats…Lotta people aren’t great, they still make money.

  • Soulja Boys Mom

    Boy is nothing but a talentless little punk …. he makes the money by giving head to other real rap stars. That’s why they call him ‘Boy’.

  • Honeychild

    He is simply ignorant, and a fool and his money shall soon part.

  • Your Mom’s Pimp

    A LIE.

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