[Audio] Eminem x Royce Da 59′s Bad Meets Evil Shade 45 Special

June 10, 2011  |  Featured, Interviews

Marshall and Royce hit up the Shade 45 station to give a special break down of their upcoming EP “Hell: The Sequel” which will be released June 14th. Audio swiped from RR.

Continue reading for the full special.

Part 1: Gives back story of “Bad Meets Evil” concept.

Part 2: Speaks on Bad Meets Evil origins.

Part 3: Speaks on reconciling with Royce & creating Hell: The Sequel

Part 4: Explain Bad and Evil alias’, recording process, EP title, and “Fast Lane”.

Part 5: Explain “The Reunion”.

Part 6: Speak on Mr.Porter.

Part 7: Speak on “I’m Everything”.

Part 8: Speak on “Kiss”.

Part 9: Speaks on collaborating with Bruno Mars on “Lighters”.

Part 10: Speak on “Take From Me”.

Part 11: Speak on recording ”Loud Noises”.